What’s the best outboard for your FRIB

Owning a FRIB is a fantastic opportunity to help make a difference to our environment. The fact it folds up, means you don’t need a road trailer for it, and can move it around inside a car, saving on towing and fuel costs. But what’s the best sort of engine to use with your FRIB?

ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 electric motor for FRIB tenderModern electric outboards are a serious consideration. They use clean energy from an integrated, removable battery. This means as well as ensuring no fuel gets into the water, there’s no need to carry oily fuel cans either inside your FRIB or inside your car, and none of the lingering smell either.

Electric motors such as the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus are completely quiet too, so you can hear each other speak on board. The 1kW motor offers the equivalent power to a 3hp engine, yet it’s more efficient too due to the direct drive design. The range is impressive too, enabling 5 hours and around 22 miles at half throttle speed and 1.15 hours at full throttle.

The other superb feature is these outboarts are maintenance free requiring no servicing or winterising.

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